Salutations On All Points Of The Triangle, Respect To The Order!

AUSARU Sovereign Sanctuary OF THE U.S.A. - Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim Inc. Salutations On All Points Of The Triangle, Respect To The Order!


Most Illustrious  Amzi Muhammad, 33°/96° –   Sovereign Grand Conservator General                                  

 Right Illustrious Eric Keyes, 33°/96° –  Sublime Grand Administrator General 

Right Illustrious Otis T. Saulsberry, 33°/96° –  North Carolina  Grand Chancellor General 

Right  Illustrious Brian K. Jasper, 33°/97° – Texas  Grand Expert General 

Right Illustrious  Darren Gregory, 33°/96° –  Grand Secretary General 

Right Illustrious Vernon Sparkmon, 33°/96° –  Grand Treasurer General 

Right Illustrious  Brian K. Williams, 33°/96° –  Grand Representative General 

Right Illustrious Brian Johnson, 33°/95° –  Grand Inspector General 

Right Illustrious Travis Carter,  33°/95° Grand Keeper of the Golden Book General

 Right Illustrious Malachi P. Dean, 33°/96° –  Grand Examiner General

 Right Illustrious Frank Robinson, 33°/96° –  Grand Master of Ceremonies General 

Right Illustrious Anthony Captain, 33°/95° –  Grand Keeper of the Sanctuary General 

Right Illustrious Joseph McFadden Sr., 33°/97° –  Grand Lecturer


  Most Illustrious Sovereign Grand Conservator General Emeritus – Honorary Nation Hierophant –  Andre Cannon, 33°/97° 
  Most Illustrious Honorary National Hierophant –  Brian K. Jasper, 33°/97° 
  Most Illustrious Honorary National Hierophant  –  Joseph McFadden, 33°/97° 
  Most Illustrious Sovereign Grand Conservator General Honorary –  Anthony R. Pugh, 33°/96°  





Imhotep Mystic Temple of Perfect Pontiffs 90° – New York
ILL. Darren Gregory, 33°/95° – Sublime Dai

Ausar Mystic Temple of Perfect Pontiffs 90° – Illinois
ILL. Malich Dean, 33°/95° – Sublime Dai

ILL. Travis Carter, 33°/95° – Sublime Dai


Tehuti Senate of Hermetic Philosophers 43° New York
 ILL. Ernest Sistrunk Jr. 33°/95° – Sublime Grand Commander 

Osiris Senate of Hermetic Philosophers 43° – Texas  ILL. Travis Carter 33°/95° – Sublime Grand Commander 

Imhotep Senate of Hermetic Philosophers 43° – Texas

 ILL. John Webb, 43° – Sublime Grand Commander 

Shu Senate of Hermetic Philosophers 43° – Virginia

 ILL. Truitt Smith, 43° – Sublime Grand Commander 

Amun Ra Senate of Hermetic Philosophers 43° – Illinois

 ILL. Malachi P. Dean, 33°/95° – Sublime Grand Commander 

Ankh Tawy Senate of Hermetic Philosophers 43° – Illinois

 ILL. Addison Jackson 33°/95° – Sublime Grand Commander

 Hotep Senate of Hermetic Philosophers 43° – Illinois 

ILL. Harold McDaniel, 33°/43° Sublime Grand Commander

A\L\G\D\S\A\D\L\M \




In the Name of The Sovereign
Sanctuary of the United States of America, Inc.




“Man, thou hast two ears to hear the sme sound, two eyes to perceive the
same object, to hands to execute the same act. So, the Masonic Science, the
Science par excellence, is esoteric and exoteric. Esotericism constitutes the
Thought, Exotericism constitutes the Power. Exotericism learns, teaches and
gives; Esotericism is neither learned, taught nor given, it comes from on High.


 The Ancient and Primintive Rite of Masonry has but one Thought, to do Good; but one Banner, that of Humanity; but one Crown, it is for Virtue.

The Hermetic or Esoteric Degrees of the Ancient & Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim is structured into three distinct Houses.

Mystic Temple
Sovereign Sanctuary







The 34th Degree through the 43rd Degree is styled a Senate. Meetings are termed, a Philosophical Academy. This House focuses on the beginning studies of spiritual philosophy with an emphasis place on Sacred Mathematics, the Mysteries of Nature and Science, Physical/Spiritual Astronomy and Geography, the Four Primary Elements, Mystic Theology – including the Sacred Names of The Grand Architect of the Universe and Alchemy (the Philosophers Stone).


Q. What is the object of Hermetic Masons?
A. To seek the knowledge of the art of perfecting that which nature has left imperfect in the material kind and to arrive at the treasure of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Q. What is that Stone?
A. We commonly know that as transforming a base thought to perfect thought being one with God, seeing as God down through time; three-dimensionally; past present and future perfect. 


34° Knight of Scandinavia 

This a philosophical degree and is devoted to the ancient mythology of Scandinavia. Specifically, a study is made of the god Odin and his Egyptian origins. 

35° Knight of the Temple 

This degree focuses on instruction in the division of the seasons, the motions of the stars, their velocity, distance, terms and gravitation. The study of the of the purification of metals and how to render them ductile. Instructions in the botanical properties of plants and vegetables; and the mode of extracting their sap to prolong life. All of this to acquire a knowledge of the Temple of the Universe.

36° Sublime Negociant 

This degree has a reference to primitive worship and the consequences resulting from the astronomical observations of the Priests of Babylon, Chaldea and Sidon. It ends with a study of the Quran focusing on the protests of Abraham against star and idol worship. The labor is consecrated to Geometry and Astronomy.

 37° Knight of Shota or Sage of Truth

This degree deals with ancient initiations and is Catechetical to test the aspirants progress.

 38° Sublime Elect of Truth or The Red Eagle

 This degree studies the spiritual philosophies of different ancient civilizations and the struggles between Light and Darkness. 

39° Grand Elect of the Aeons 

In the Phoenician language, Aeon signifies a central point of development. It also has a reference to the Avatars of Savior Gods treated by the Mysteries. Its precepts are drawn from a Zoroastrian work of 72 chapters. 

40° Sage of Savaiste or Perfect Sage 

This degree studies the fundamental laws of nature and instinct. Touching upon the existence of the Creator, who draws us to Himself by eternal chains, whose links are the love of goodness. 

41° Knight of the Arch of Seven colors 

This degree refers to the rainbow which receives its prismatic colors as a reflection of the sun upon the humid atmosphere and the ancient operative Masons held that it was the pattern on which they worked arches. The degree is intended to teach that the sun is a well of beneficence and the regenerator of nature’s beauties and that the sun is a symbol of deity, the source of life and beauty. 

42° Prince of Light 

This degree teaches the principles of purity, unselfishness and being just to humanity.


43° Sublime Hermetic Sage or Hermetic Philosopher 

The Aspirant is taught to overrun the Twelve Symbolic Houses of the Sun. Birth and death are represented by the Two Emblematic Columns and enclose our earthly destiny and that life is the workshop in which is found the hidden treasure-house, where the wise learn to accomplish their destiny with courage and dignity. 


The Ancient Hermetic Language is threefold: Religious, Philosophic and Scientific. Religiously, it is that of the initiates of all ages; Philosophically, its principles must be sought in the schools of Egypt and; Scientifically, its studies encompass all branches of nature and learning.







 The Mystic Temple consists of the 44th Degree through
the 90th Degree. Its foundation is in the three Senates that it is
an outgrowth of and which it becomes the state government. This house is based
deeply in Egyptian philosophy and ceremonies and can be summed up with the
words, “Man Know Thy Self,” which was above the entrance door to every temple in Egypt. 

Q. What is a Perfect
Pontiff – Sublime Master of the Great Work?

A. A Masons who feels the
prize of existence and seeks the means of perfecting it by the good employment
of life; by observation of nature, experience, and the culture of science, and
who estimates men and brethren and things in general at their true value;
comprehending that which he is and that which he may make himself, and who has
found, in short, the guide of real life and the road of virtue which conducts
to happiness.

Q. What is the basis and
the means of forming man according to the views of our institution?

A. The love of truth, or
the inclination of man towards the Author of all, the moving principle which
raises him above himself, and places him in the harmony with God. The necessity
of studying and following nature, which, in teaching him to understand sensible
beings, places him in harmony with the physical world. Humanity, or that
interior and divine force which draws man to man and teaches him that it is
only with his kind that he can develop himself in harmony with the moral and
intelligent world. Thus God, Nature and Humanity, are the principal educators
of man, and are the proper means to form the man – Mason.