General Grand Masonic Congress



        The original name of the General Grand Masonic Congress. was The National Grand Lodge when established in the first meeting of 1847 AD. in Washington DC. It was revived under the same name (National Grand Lodge). It is understood that this body claimed jurisdiction in and over Universal free (symbolic) masonry in all the United States of America and Canada for all free Masons regardless if ancient free and accepted or free and accepted Masons.

          It was first organized by Edward H. Thomas, John A Smallwood, Adolphis Hall and others of Washington DC. This body was called National Grand Lodge Edward H Thomas Affiliation. In 1889, at Cleveland Ohio, August 9th the late John G. Jones reorganized the organization under the present name, The General Grand Masonic Congress of the USA and Canada. The original constitution and statues, with the approved name change, was incorporated August 21, 1920 in Cleveland Ohio. (Book 1246, Folio 163). In 1946, with the signatures of fifteen Brothers, amendments were made to the constitution. The amended constitution was notarized in Harris County, Texas and recorded as a charter amendment. (Book 1723, Folio 335). One of the changes was the organization was changed from a 99 year existence to perpetual existence and included the sisterhood under it’s adoptive authority. (As recorded by the recorder of mortgages, State of Louisiana, Parish of Orleans). 

General Grand Masonic Congress: 501 (c) 10 , Federal Tax Exempt Organization


The General Grand Masonic congress

Mission Statement

(This is the Mission Statement in its originality)

       The object adn purpose of the organization in the society, to teach the arts, modes of universal free symbolic masonry ancient free or free and accepted and the advancement therof.  To promote homes and trade schools for relatives of Master Masons throughout the United States of America and Canada.


           The mission of the General Grand Masonic Congress is to acknowledge and utilize its richly diverse population to eliminate racism, bigotry and self-esteem.  To prepare Masons to be production and contributing members of society, to teach and model the values of respect and cooperation.  We are to shape our future by providing leadership, advanced research and a well trained dedicated staff, reflective of our multicultural richness in a diverse, brotherly, mentoring and charitable environment that provides an equitable allocation of resources and recognizes the mutual responsibility and accountability of Grand Lodges, Grand Masters, Masonic Leaders to home and community.  To contribute regularly as a national organization to charitable organizations who enhance our society.


The objective of the General Grand Masonic Congress shall be to:

a. Perpetuate fraternal harmony among the affiliated Grand Lodges of the varies Jurisdictions.
b. Share constructive ideas
c, Promote and encourage community involvement with the business sector
d. Conduct educational workshops and seminars
e. Practice Charity, provide fraternal assistance to the aged, sick and shut-in members of congress, their widows and orphans.
f. Extend strong educational support to our youth


The officers, Grand Masters, and Past Grand Masters of this General Grand Masonic Congress did resolve to; maintain a working relationship through the establishment and adoption of a Supreme Grand Chapter O.E.S. and Supreme Royal and Exalted Degree of Amaranth. This Congress shall have an affiliation with the General Grand York Rite Council U.S.A. anrrd various Supreme Councils of Scottish Rite Masons U.S.A.
This General Grand Masonic Congress is the recognized link between Symbolic Masonry and the Higher Honorary Degrees work of the order. Its purposes are to promote higher aims and ideals, throughout the ranks of Symbolic Freemasonry.


Elected Officers

President General

M.W. Anthony R. Pugh

1st Vice President General  

M.W. Kevin E. Fair

2nd Vice President General  

M.W. Barry Hunter

3rd Vice President General

M.W. Anthony Captain

Treasurer General

M.W. Brian K. Williams

Secretary General

M.W. Otis T. Saulsberry

Recorder General 

M.W. Robert Dunbar


Appointed Officers

*4th Vice President General
M.W. Weston Jarvis
*Assistant Secretary General
M.W. Amzi Muhammed

*Grand Senior Warden General

M.W. Jerry Gray

*Grand Junior Warden General

M.W. Edward Sharp

*Grand Senior Steward General

M.W. Brian K. Jasper

*Grand Junior Steward General

M.W. Michael Gladman

*Grand Marshall General

M.W. Lamont Samuels

*Grand Chaplain General 

M.W. Joseph McFadden

*Grand Tiler General  

M.W. Robert Rice

Most Eminent Grand Patron
R.W. Darren Gregory
Most Eminent Associate Grand Patron
P.W.M. Shaun Hall
Supreme Grand Royal Patron
S.K. W.M. Keith Wilkerson
Supreme Associate Grand Royal Patron
S.K. R.W. Oakley Beamon
Grand Publications General
M.W. Kevin Dukes
Grand Technology General
M.W. Kirk Washington
Grand Orator General
M.W. Raymond Smith
Grand Historian General
M.W. Eric Keyes
Grand Webmaster General
M.W. Anthony Mondrey
Grand Public Relations General
M.W. Andre Cannon
Grand International Liaison General
M.W. Ron Foster
Grand Dean General
R.W. Rickey Pierce
Grand Assistant Dean General
S.W. Sean Harris
Grand Standard Bearer General
M.W. Howard Smith
Grand Sword Bearer General
M.W. Hiram Bradley
Grand lecturer General
M.W. Andre Jones

Pursuivant Generals

Grand 1st Pursuivant General
M.W. Thomas Seelbach
Grand 2nd Pursuivant General
M.W. Nathan Perry




Recorder General Emeritus   
MW Theodore R. Washington
Secretary General Emeritus
MW Clarence E. Gibson

Past President Generals

M.W. Nathaniel F. Simmons 
M.W. O.C. Lockett
M.W. Edwin Sturrip

M.W. William H. Murchison   

M.W. Ardell Holland 

*Bold listings are proposed future elected positions

General Grand Masonic Congress Committees

By-Laws Committee

M.W. Barry Hunter – Chair
M.W. Otis Saulsberry

M.W. Anthony Mondrey
M.W. Kirk Washington
M.W. Craig Mitchell

General Grand Masonic Congress Committees

Ritual Committee

R.W. Rickey Pierce – Chair
M.W. Amzi Muhammad
M.W. David Aycock
M.W. Kevin Dukes
M.W. Brian Jasper

General Grand Masonic Congress Committees

Regalia Committee

M.W. Brian Williams – Chair
M.W. Weston Jarvis
M.W. Andre Jones

General Grand Masonic Congress Committees

Leadership Committee

M.W. Kevin Fair – Chair
M.W. Kirk Washington
M.W. Amzi Muhammad
M.W. Craig Mitchell
M.W. Otis Saulsberry
M.W. Joseph McFadden
R.W. Rickey Pierce

General Grand Masonic Congress Committees

Masonic Congress Membership Initiative Committee

M.W. Weston Jarvis – Chair
M.W. Raymond Smith
M.W. Craig Mitchell

General Grand Masonic Congress Committees

President General’s Scholarship Committee

M.W. Anthony Captain – Chair
M.W. Nathan Perry
M.W. Thomas Seelbach
M.W. Howard Smith
M.W. Lamont Samuels

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