Supreme Council of Lady Knights of Templar

Supreme Chief Counsellor

Lady Jacqueline J. Dixon

I have resided in Michigan since 1965.  My formal education was in the public school system of Cropwell, Alabama; in St. Claire County.  

I was a part of the women hired by Mayor Coleman A. Young in 1974 to work in non-traditional areas for the City of Detroit (MI).  I went through an Instrumentation Skilled Trades program, graduated that.  Worked my way through the ranks, all the way to Maintenance Foreman.  

I am the mother of two adult children, eight grand children and eight great grand children.  I love all kinds of music.  

I have been a member of Second Ebenezer Church for 20 years.  I volunteer with our many charity programs.    My favorite Bible verse is Psalm 19:14. 

I became a member of the Order of the Eastern Star in 1982.  I was elected as the Matron of my chapter for 17 years.   I was elected as Associate Grand Matron for 4 years (GQEGC). I was elected as the Secretary for the Amaranth for 4 years.  I was elected as the Senior Attendant in the HOJ for 4 year.  I was elected as the Chief Counsellor of Esther Council #1 (MI) for 13 years.  I was elected as the Guardian for the DOS 6 years.  I was elected as the Secretary of the Royal Ladies for 4 years.  

I have only held Supreme positions in the Lady Of Knights Templar.  My first position was that of Supreme Recorder for 4 years, under Supreme Chief Counsellor Azalee Martin.  I was the Supreme Second Chief Counsellor for 12 years under Supreme Chief Counsellor Azzie L. Boswell.  On July 31, 2017 in New Orleans, LA; I was elected as the new Supreme Chief Counsellor, to present.

Humbly Submitted,

Lady Jacqueline J. Dixon, Supreme Chief Counsellor







Lady Mary Matchen*

Supreme Chief Counsellor



Lady Margaret Chaison*

Supreme Chief Counsellor



Lady Mattie Cason*

Supreme Chief Counsellor



Lady Pansy Bailey

Supreme Chief Counsellor



Lady Willie Esther Dunn*

Supreme Chief Counsellor



Lady Elizabeth Guice

Supreme Chief Counsellor



Lady Azalee Martin

Supreme Chief Counsellor



Lady Azzie L. Boswell

Supreme Chief Counsellor



Lady Jacqueline J. Dixon

Supreme Chief Counsellor



 *Died while in office

Supreme Council of Lady Knights of Templar

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to care for the sick and the wounded (physically and spiritually).  As we pilgrimage throughout this earth, we shall spread the findings of Queen Helena.

Supreme Council Lady Of Knights Templar of the United StatesCanada and England


Elected Officers

Supreme Chief Counsellor

Jacqueline J. Dixon

Supreme Second Chief Counsellor

Careen P. McGhee

Supreme 3rd Assistant Counsellor

Rosemary Thornton

Supreme 4th Assistant Counsellor

Gina Drinkwater

Supreme Financial Secretary

Cellestine Carter

Supreme Recording Secretary

Lawana Laws

Supreme Treasurer

Benita Porter

Supreme Mercy

Heather Grant Fair

Supreme Honesty

Gloria Waytes

Supreme Justice

Josette Doby

Supreme Board of Director

Leontyne Boykins

Supreme Board of Directors

Cynthia Taylor

Supreme Board of Director

Janice Mann

Supreme Board of Director

Susie Wright



Appointed Station



Supreme Chaplain

Victoria Dennis

Supreme Inside Sentinel

Shameakia Dunwoody

Supreme Outside Sentinel

Joan Johnson

Supreme Marshall – East

Pamela D. Jones

Supreme Marshall – West

Monique Grays

Supreme State Deputy (TN & AR)

Delores J. Bellamy

Supreme State Deputy (MI)

Cellestine Carter

Supreme State Deputy (OH)

Rosalind Sharp

Supreme State Deputy (IL)

Candace Gunn

Supreme State Deputy (NY)

Azalee Martin

Supreme State Deputy (TX)

Kia Lewis Jackson

Board of Directors



Lady Cynthia Taylor (IL)

Lady Janice Mann (NY)

Lady Leontyne Boykins (OH)

Lady Susie L. Wright (NY)



Past Supreme Chief Counsellors



Lady Azalee Martin (NY) 

Lady Azzie L. Boswell (CA)


Abigail Council #1 (OH) 

Lady Gloria J. Waytes, CC

River City Council #2 (AR) 

Lady Joan Johnson, CC 

Ada Council #3 (IL)                                  

Lady Gina Drinkwater, CC

Mary Magdalene Council #1 (NY)

Lady Deborah Keyes, CC

Deborah Council #7 (NY)

Lady Janice Mann, CC 

River City Council #1 (TN)

Lady Latasha R. Starks, CC

Joan of Arc Council #1 (TX) 

Lady Monique Grays, CC 

Trinity Council #1 (TX)

Lady Kia Lewis, Chief Counsellor

Ruth Council #1 (MI)

Lady Pamela D. Jones, CC

Lady Grace #1 (AR) (Unchartered)

Lady Almarie Anderson, CC

St. Helena Council #1 (TX) (Unchartered)

Lady LaKesha Battle-Meadows, CC

Supreme Council Lady Knights of Templar