Universal Supreme Council
Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander

ILL. Anthony R. Pugh 33°(Illinois)

Masonic Accomplishments

Cook Lodge # 7: Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Junior Warden, Worshipful Master, Past Worshipful Master.

M.W. St. John Grand Lodge: Grand Lodge Instructor, Youth Department Coordinator, Scholarship Committee Business Manager and Sponsorship Coordinator, 2008 Convention Chairman, Building Development Committee Chairman, Grand Senior Warden, Deputy Grand Master, Grand Master, Past Grand Master Emeritus.

General Grand Masonic Congress: Workshop Dean, Advisor, Secretary for Grand Master’s Committee, 1st Vice President General.

Supreme departments combined convention enterprise: convention planning coordination

Caleb Chapter # 3 R.A.M.: Royal Arch Instructor, Principal Sojourner, Scribe, Excellent High Priest, Past Excellent High Priest.

St. John Grand Chapter R.A.M.: Grand Financial Secretary, Grand Scribe, Grand King, Deputy Grand High Priest.

General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons: Registration Committee, Supreme Workshop Dean

Josiah Grand Council of Cryptic Masons: Honorary Most Illustrious Grand Master

General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons U.S.A.: Supreme Special Assistant to the Most Puissant Grand Master.

M.W. St. John Commandery #1: Knights Templar Drill Team Coordinator, Ways and Means Committee Chairperson, Spiritual Awakening Program Coordinator, Commandery Instructor, Junior Warden, Senior Warden, Generalissimo, Honorary Eminent Commander.

General Grand Encampment of Knights Templar: Ways and Means Chairman, R.E. Grand Captain General, R.E. Grand Generalissimo, R.E. Deputy Grand Master, Supreme Most Eminent Grand Master, Supreme Most Eminent Grand Master Emeritus.

General Grand York Council: Co-Founder of the General Grand York Rite Council

St, john Consistory #1 Scottish Rite: Initiation Team, Financial Secretary-Lodge of Perfection, Senior Warden/Instructor-Rose Croix, Instructor Council of Kadosh, 2nd Lt., Commander-In-Chief

United Supreme Council of Deliberation: Workshop Dean, Ways and Means committee

United Supreme Council: Initiation Team, Supreme Honor Guard, M.W. St. Grand Lodge Honor Guard General and Senior Drill Instructor (Illinois), Supreme Assistant Flag Bearer, Supreme Grand Chancellor 33o

Universal Supreme Council: Lieutenant Grand Commander 33o, Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander 33o

Mecca Temple #2A.A.O.N.M.S.: Initiation Team Coordinator, Instructor

Zem Zem Temple A.A.O.N.M.S.: Honorary Past Grand Potentate

Imperial Council A.A.O.N.M.S: supreme Workshop Dean

Saladin Imperial Grand Council: co-founder and member of Board of Directors

Ancient and Primitive Rite Memphis-Misraim: Midwest State Deputy, General Grand Administrator General Emeritus 96o


The Universal Supreme Council was organized in 1924 in Detroit, Michigan and incorporated in Washington, D.C. in 1926.The founder and first Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander was Ill. J.C. McKibbon 33 and the second Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander was Ill. James L. Johnson 33. The first Consistory was Mount Olive Consistory of York and Scottish Rite Masons located in Detroit, Michigan in 1924. The Universal Supreme Council stopped functioning in the early 1960’s and was reorganized in 2004 in Memphis, Tennessee and incorporated in 2008 in Illinois. The elect nine in 2008 were as follows:

Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander – Ill. Ronald E. Eddings 33 (Illinois)

Lt. Grand Commander – Ill. Frank Lake 33 (Canada)

Grand Prior – Ill. Eddie Allen 33 (Michigan)

Grand Chancellor- Ill. William Johnson 33 (Michigan)

Grand Minister of State – Ill. Horace Beckford 33 (Canada)

Grand Secretary General of the High East – Ill. William Oglesby 33 (Michigan)

Grand Treasurer – Ill. Henry Nichols 33 (Illinois)

Grand Master of Ceremonies – Ill. Joe Knight 33 (Michigan)

Grand Orator – Ill. Luther Raymond 33 (Michigan)

The Consistories were as follows in 2008:

Elisha Consistory – Illinois – CIC. Pleasant Stephens 33

Jethro Consistory – Canada – CIC. Frank Lake 33

Renaissance Consistory – Michigan – CIC. Ricky Armour 33

Prepared and submitted:

Ill. Ronald E. Eddings, Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander

May 29, 2019

New emblem

Universal Supreme Council

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

As a fraternal organization, the mission of the Universal Supreme Council of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masons is to enhance our communities by supplying leadership, brotherhood, role models, charity, and educational excellence. We strive to promote community service and improve the quality of families as advocates for social ethical, and spiritual values. ,

Our Vision 

The vision of the Universal Supreme Council is to create and support an atmosphere that fosters a since of community and growth for our membership that reflect the Scottish Rite tenets, mentorship, and service to our community.


“Human progress is our cause, liberty of thought our supreme wish, freedom of conscience our mission, and the guarantee of equal rights to all people everywhere, our goal.”

The Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite is above all else an educational institution. Instruction about the great ideals of morality, philosophy, religion and philanthropy permeates our ritual and our writings, UNENCUMBERED BY SECTARIAN DOCTRINE. The Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is composed of thirty degrees separated into four houses: The Lodge of Perfection consisting of the 4°-14°, the Chapter of the Rose Croix consisting of the 15°-18°, the Council of Kadosh consisting of the 19°-30°, and the Consistory consisting of the 31°-32°, The Knight Commander Court of Honour and the Thirty-Third Degree are honorary, based on time served, merit and service to the order.


Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander

ILL. Anthony R. Pugh 33°


Universal Supreme LT. Grand Commander

ILL. Carlos Smith 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Prior

ILL. Stan Simmons 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Chancellor

ILL. Michael Haythorn 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Minister of State

ILL. Maurice Meadows 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Secretary of the High East

ILL. Rickey Pierce 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Treasurer

ILL. Andre Storey 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Master of Ceremonies

ILL. Raymond Smith 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Orator

ILL. Robert Berry 33°


Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander Emeritus

ILL. Ronald E. Eddings 33°


  • Appointed Officers

Universal Supreme Grand Chaplain

Ill. Rev. Weston Jarvis 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Assistant Secretary of the High East

Ill. Michael Thomas 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Recording Secretary

Ill. Chris Mcclinton 33°  


Universal Supreme Grand Almoner

Ill.  Kervis Dunhoo33°


Universal Supreme Grand Chamberlin

Ill. Brian Williams 33°


Universal Supreme First Grand Equerry

Ill.  Maurice Richardson 33°


Universal Supreme Second Grand Equerry

Ill.  Leo Kendle 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Standard Bearer

Ill. Rickey Armor 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Registrar

Ill. John Kendall Esq. 33°  


Universal Supreme Grand Publication Coordinator

Ill. Amzi Muhammad 33°  


Universal Supreme Grand Herald

Ill.  Aaron Hart 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Tyler

Ill.  James McCann 33°     


Universal Supreme Grand Historian

Ill. Devon Simpson 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Captain of the Honor Guard

Ill. Alonzo Smith 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Administrator of the Honor Guard

Ill. Shaler Davis 33°            


Universal Supreme Grand Technology Coordinator

Ill. Anthony Mondrey 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Assistant Technology Coordinator

Ill. Alonzo Carr 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Workshop Dean

Ill. Terrence Connors 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Royal King Solomon

Ill. Malachi Dean 33°   


Universal Supreme Grand Associate Royal King Solomon

Ill. Myron Storey 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Flag Bearer                            

Ill. Brian Jasper 33°            


Universal Supreme Grand Psalmist                               

Ill. Michael A. Green Sr. 33°


Universal Supreme Grand Sword Bearer                           

Ill. Jonathan Escort 33°        


Universal Supreme Grand Standard Bearer 

Ill. Terrance Wright 33°


Universal Supreme Grand International Liaison

Ill. Otis Saulsberry 33°

North Carolina

Elected Officers

Grand Consistories Located in:

  • Illinois










The degrees, the 4°-14°, styled the Lodge of Perfection, are called the Ineffable Degrees because their principal purpose is the investigation and contemplation of the ineffable name of Deity. The word “ineffable” means something that is sacred and should not be spoken. As used in these degrees, it refers to the belief of ancient Judaism that the name of God was not to be spoken. This concept forms a metaphor for the Scottish Rite teachings that all the essential qualities of deity are incapable of description in language. As we ascend the ladder of High Masonry, the three focus topics for this House will be, The Legend of Hiram, The Concept of Deity and The Lost Word.

Though only four, the degrees of the Chapter of the Rose Croix, consisting of the 15°-18°, contain teachings that are very complex. The degrees are at once religious, historical, moral and philosophical. They consist of Hebrew history, Christian doctrine, compared with other revelatory religions of the ancient world; and the innermost meanings of the most mystical, and controversial, of all the books in the Bible, the Apocalypse, or Book of Revelations.

The degrees encompassed by the Council of Kadosh (Celestial City) are the 19°-30° and considered the Historical, Chivalric, Mystic and Philosophical Degrees. The degrees in the council are designed to explore further the moral, political and religious lessons taught in the Lodge of Perfection and the Chapter of the Rose Croix. I addition to reinforcing the moral lessons in the preceding degrees, the Council Degrees explain why morality and the practice of virtue are indispensable to the Mason. The political lessons within the council explain why intolerance, superstition and bigotry are the special enemies of human freedom. The examination of the widely varied religions of the world that occurs in the Council Degrees seek to explain as clearly and accurately as possible the nature of deity and the relationship between Him and man.

The Consistory Degrees are the 31° and 32°. They are very different in form and content. In these degrees, we learn the relationship between human law as a means of achieving justice and divine justice as an ideal. They ask us to judge ourselves in the light of this knowledge and the lessons in the preceding degrees. Symbolism in the previous degrees is given broader and deeper meanings in these degrees, as well as the origins of Masonic Truth – in the East!

The Knight Commander Court of Honour (K.C.C.H.) is an honor, which is bestowed by the Supreme Council on deserving brothers. It is, however, not a degree. Rather, it is a rank and designation. A brother may not request the Knight Commander Court of Honour. In order to receive the designation, a brother must have been a 32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret for a minimum of 46 months (3 years, 8 months), but typically the period is much longer. The Council of Deliberations along with recommendations from the Commander in Chief of the Consistory or Grand Commander in Chief of the Grand Consistory no minates candidates to the Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander for the honor. To be nominated, a brother must be recognized for rendering exceptional service to the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, Ancient Craft Masonry and/or his community, based on principles espoused in the Scottish Rite Degrees. Upon his investiture, John Doe, 32°, becomes John Doe, 32° KCCH.

The 33rd Degree, or Inspector General Honorary, is conferred upon those members of the 32°, including the Knight Commander Court of Honour, who have been outstanding in their contributions to Freemasonry, the Scottish Rite, or who have shown in their communities the leadership which marks them as men who exemplify in their daily lives the true meaning of the Brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God.

It cannot be sought by application but must be such a man as described above who has been selected by the Inspector General in the Consistory or Council of Deliberation in conjunction with Deputy of his state. He must be not less than 33 years of age and may be selected at an annual meeting of the Universal Supreme Council by a Sovereign Grand Inspector General the Thirty-third and Last Degree, or Honorary Member of the Universal Supreme Council. Such selection shall be by unanimous vote of the active members present taken by secret ballot. The degree is conferred at the annual meeting of the Universal Supreme Council.

The Grand Cross of the Court of Honour is the highest individual honor of the Scottish Rite. It is very rarely bestowed upon Thirty-Third Degree Masons. The emblem of the Grand Cross sits on a white cap with a blue band and is made up of a Teutonic Cross resting on a wreath of gold oak leaves, emblematic of strength of purpose in the service of humanity and the Scottish Rite. In the center is a gold circular plate with a blue enameled border with the gold letters, “Gr. Cross Court of Honour.” In the center of the plate is an enameled crimson rose with green leaves on a white background. The red rose recalls the imagery of the 18th Degree, Knight of the Rose Croix, where the flower represents renewal, as a recipient of the Grand Cross is forever renewing his efforts to serve.


The nonagram or nine-pointed star is a symbol of Achievement, Completeness, Supreme Sanctity and also of Boundaries. It is composed of a Trinity of Trinities, so it also represents the utmost Sacredness. The nine-pointed star is the Revealer of Order in Chaos and Oneness.


The Kadosh de Heirdom or Holy Temple is that which the Grand Consistory represents. Its membership consists of Grand Inspectors General of the Order or Chiefs of High Masonry, Knight Commanders of the Court of Honour, Commanders-In-Chief, Thrice-Puissant Grand Commanders and Most Wise and Perfect Masters. The Grand Consistory is the bridge that connects the Consistory Degrees with that of the Thirty-Third Degree. It is a house of in-depth study of the ritualistic work, history, theology, law and administration of the Scottish Rite.


As Inspectors General, Knight Commanders and Sublime Princes, we entitle ourselves Kadoshim, the Holy; and those of us who are appointed to minister in holy things, should understand the value of Time, and how to be useful to arts or arms, to counsel in public, or to government in Masonry or our country. We should not do the work of the Order negligently and idly, but in honoring God and doing His work put forth all our strength, and learn the burdens and necessities of our brothers, and strive to lighten one, and, in our proportion, supply the other.


All things of weight and importance are to be done with due and grave solemnity, in evidence that we understand the importance of the matter which we have in hand. Solemn ceremonials are not empty pageants or vain shows. The coronations of Kings and the ordinations and inaugurations of Pontiffs require solemn and appropriate forms; and if any part of Freemasonry be real, and not all an idle show, the ordinations of those who are to govern in it should be great solemnities and actions of religion.



Universal Supreme Grand Secretary of the High East

ILL. Rickey Pierce 33°

Universal Supreme Grand Treasurer

ILL. Andre Storey 33° 

Universal Supreme Council Consistory Directory

Universal Supreme Council State Deputy of Illinois

Ill.  Terrence Connor 33°                      

Chicago, IL  

State Consistories

CIC Ernest Love
14401 S HALSTED St
HARVEY, IL 60426
Phone: 312-343-2055
Email: loveernest36@comcast.net

CIC Terrence Conner
7443 S. INGLESIDE Ave.
Phone: 773-946-9346
Email: bigdaddyoowee@aol.com

CIC Thomas Seelbach
120 Darrow Creek Dr.
Owens Cross Roads, AI 35763
Phone: 312-715-4194
Email: jordanconsistory@outlook.com

Sovereign Grand Inspector General of Michigan

ILL. Joseph Knight 33°
15814 Southfield
Detroit, MI 48223
Phone: 313-287-7343

State Consistories

CIC Aaron Hart
14801 FENKELL St.
Phone: 313-244-6937
Email: soundsbyaaron@comcast.net

Universal Supreme Council State Deputy of Ohio

ILL. Anthony Captain 33°
261 Bexley Dr
Bedford, Ohio 44146
Phone: 216-785-5789
Email: anthony.j.captain@gmail.com

State Consistories

CIC Clarence Pruitt
2222 East 103rd Street
Cleveland, OHIO 44106

Universal Supreme Council State Deputy of Indiana

ILL. Claude Chandler  33°
673 Maryland St.
Gary, IN 46402
Phone: 219-742-0364
Email: claudechandler60@gmail.com

State Consistories

CIC Claude Chandler
2167 W. 9th Ave.

GARY, IN 46404
Phone: 219-742-0364
Email: claudechandler60@gmail.com

Universal Supreme Council State Deputy of Arkansas

Ill. Vernon Sparkman 33°          P.O. BOX 3067
Email: vernonsparkmon@yahoo.com

State Consistories

CIC Kervin Dunhoo, Sr.
5912 Timberside Rd..

Little Rock, AR 72204
Phone: 501-425-2511
Email: schongie357@yahoo.com

Universal Supreme Council State Deputy of Texas

ILL. Weston Jarvis 33°
10902 Moss Crest 
Houston, Texas 77048 
Phone: 832-640-2944
Email: westonjarvis@att.net

State Consistories

CIC Brian Jasper
4823 Caranchua Reef Dr…

Bacliff, TX 77518
Phone: 346-264-7474
Email: J212MGMT@gmail.com

CIC Maurice Meadows
7305 Blue Jay Dr..

TEXAS CITY, TX 77591  .
Phone: 832-373-6545
Email: mrkoolaid357@yahoo.com

CIC Terrance Wright
3141 I-30 Suite D.

Mesquite, TX 75150  .
Phone: 214-208-1265
Email: twright@mwsglot.org

Deputy of Romania

Ill. Calin Cosar 33o                 

Email: Calin.cosar@gmail.com


Deputy of Austria

Ill.  Eric Heberhauer 33o
Robert Blum Str. 84
A-2232 Deutsch Wagram